Gallery: Michael Zammuto Images

Michael Zammuto with former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

Here is Michael Zammuto meeting with former governor Ed Rendell. Governor Rendell is a big supporter of the Philadelphia tech and business communities. Mike Zammuto recruited Mr. Rendell to be an advisor to

MZ_Headshot_2 MikeZammutoFoxAppearance MichaelZammutoFoxApp - Copy MichaelZammuto2013NutterConference MichaelZammuto2013Headshot - Copy MichaelZammutoDistDish - Copy MichaelZammuto2013Carolina - Copy MikeZammutoCroppedNewsClip

Michael Zammuto headshot

Headshot for Michael Zammuto, internet and software executive.

Mike Zammuto and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter meet and discuss the Philly Tech and Startup Community

Michael Zammuto welcoming Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter at an event in Philadelphia

Michael Zammuto office picture

Mike Zammuto in his office at

MichaelAZammuto_GDSA2013 mikezammutoofficecasual

Mike Zammuto profile picture

Michael Zammuto, President of Reputation Changer

Mike Zammuto Meeting

CEO Michael Zammuto leading an internal meeting at Reputation Changer in West Chester, PA in 2013