Michael Zammuto Media Appearances

Michael Zammuto Media Appearances

I have enjoyed doing dozens of media appearances over the years. It can be fun to get out and help your team get some recognition or to lend your voice to a discussion. I have had all sorts of experiences with the media. Mostly it has been a positive experience even if they challenged what I was doing. My first media was probably 2003 or so. It is fun to go back and look over articles about technologies that were new at the time and to see how the world changed after the interviews. Please enjoy and leave me some feedback.

My Crunchbase profile has a list of press clippings and tends to be up to date so you can check there too.


Completed.com Media Appearances

USA Herald Article on Completed.com

Michael Zammuto at the New York Stock Exchange interview on Yelp! and Completed.com for CheddarTV

Michael Zammuto on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange discussing Yelp! and Completed.com on CheddarTV

Los Angeles Times Article On Uber

Small Business Daily Cool Tools

The Next Web

Silicon Beat/San Jose Mercury News

Cheddar TV Appearance on the NYSE Floor (video)

PSFK Story of Completed.com

 Tech Crunch interview

Fast Company article

TechBlog Podcast

New England Real Estate Journal

ZacJohnson.com post

Brand.com  & Reputation Changer Appearances

Fox Business’ Varney & Company TV appearance

New York Magazine Article On Online Reputation

Venture Beat Article on technology for addressing online libel

Entrepreneur Magazine On Online Reputation

ValueWalk Coverage of Mike Zammuto Blackmail Case

Culture & Celebrity – Reputation

Because of my role in online branding and reputation I have gotten a number of requests for comments on issues related to business people, celebrities or cultural issues. There were more but I lost track of them.

Los Angeles Times Article On Uber – Completed.com interview

Washington Post Article on Catfishing and the Manti Te’o hoax

Forbes Article on Maria Sharapova “Sugarpova” branding story

Huffington Post Article On Online Celebrity Trolling

Time Magazine Article on Guarding Your Online Reputation


Mike Zammuto’s Appearance on CNN Money Regarding Technology Expertise on Corporate Boards.

Non-profit Work           

Dallas Morning News Article Archive on Cyber Harassment Pro Bono Work

Other Appearances

Ad Age Interview on Marketing Day Parts

 Media Kit

Press inquiries can be made through the contact page on this site, via Completed.com or through my LinkedIn profile. I will try to respond quickly so please let me know if you are working under a tight deadline. Below are some pictures of me that can be used for media.

Pictures of Mike Zammuto Including Headshots, Candids and Meeting Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

Mike Zammuto’s YouTube Channel