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I Was Accepted as a Contributor on

I like writing and do it for fun and because it helps me to think about topics from different angles. It is a little like walking a route for the first time instead of driving it. As you walk the route you notice things you didn’t previously. The slower journey makes you see details.

Michael Zammuto contributor

A joke. I haven’t seen a typewriter in years and am in no way nostalgic.

I have written a lot on LinkedIn and been happy with the response. I enjoyed it as well. Writing for is a bit of a departure. Their site emphasizes instructive content. The emphasis is to empower their readers to learn how to do something. I typically have written about technologies, trends or news. This will be a bit of a new direction for me.

I am looking forward to pitching some new ideas. I may stick to startups or technology tips for business owners. That takes some thought.

My first article was accepted and is in the publishing queue. I will share it online when it goes live. I am already thinking about additional topics