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New Monthly Articles – AI, Data and Analytics Strategies

I published a new article on my column in February. The main argument is that bias in AI algorithms can cause damage for enterprises. I compare it to the impact of  data breach on an enterprise to make that point. Sure, you can argue about how they are different but that is not the point. Instead focus on the serious impacts of bias and how to prevent, detect and respond to it.

When we are struggling to adopt a new technology and deal with maturing it and growing our capabilities we tend not to focus on the risks until the damage is done. Data breaches are an example. We focused on collecting and using data to automate systems and expose them on the internet (and other IoT) and prioritized business and functional concerns at the expense of business risk management until too late.

I do post on my business site blog, Cloud Commmerce Consulting periodically as well. I hope you enjoy them and find value.

New Cloud Commerce Post on AI Data and Quantum Computing

Amazon’s Innovation Model is Fueled by Data and Computing Power

How is it that Amazon goes from ecommerce for books to being a dominant player in cloud computing, grocery delivery and so many other businesses.

It is wrong to look just at innovation or investments for the explanation. Amazon is a data-first company that invests big in analytics, machine learning and computing power. This creates a virtuous cycle that drives innovation in previously unexpected ways.

I hope this new post from Cloud Commerce Consulting adds some value.