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Website Traffic Is Consolidating With A Few Mega Websites

A Few Mega Sites Are Scooping Up Traffic Faster Than Web User Numbers


Quantcast.com's Top Sites July 2017

Quantcast.com’s Top Sites July 2017

A few sites including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft’s sites, LinkedIn, eBay, Instagram are scooping up all the organic traffic leaving businesses more reliant on paid traffic (and these sites) for audience and survival.

You probably consider internet growth to be massive. That is true and Internet users numbers continues to grow but the growth in websites is even faster. In 1993 there were 108k web surfers for each web site. A decade later, 19 people for each website. Today there are fewer than 4 internet users for every site. Quantcast reports that the top 5 site get one billion monthly visitors a two billion visit the top 17 sites.

I hope stats like this are useful. But the critical issue is what should businesses who rely on traffic for revenue or leads do about this fact. This release focuses on the challenges facing B2B marketers in this age. I hope you find it valuable.

You are who Google says you are

People make decisions about you based on what they see about you online. Since search engines are the main way their research will begin it is fair to say that your search engine results pages (SERPs) represent how people see you and therefore, who you are. Below is a link to a little article I wrote about that.