When Your Eldest Goes To College

A funny thing is happening right now. My eldest, Michaela Zammuto, is graduating from high school. She has a full summer planned and then starts at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

Of course, I could not be prouder. She is a bright, articulate young woman, engaging and confident. She deserves everything she has accomplished and I am happy to have been there to help along the way. I view a parent’s job first and foremost as helping to ensure their kids become successful adults and in that regard, I feel like my wife and I have done a lot of things well.

What is funny is how something so momentous and anticipated can still feel like it snuck up on you. It almost feels like a surprise. Talking about how fast the years go by makes you sound old so I will avoid it. But it doesn’t change the odd, creeping feeling that something is slipping away from your grasp.

Michaela Zammuto Keynote on gratitude as a personal and leadership tool

I am so impressed with so many of these birght young people. Michaela Zammuto is my daughter and she and her friends are among the most energetic and positive young people I have ever met. They truly belive they can affect real change and solve big problems but are humble and know everything must be earned.


This keynote is a great example of that. Michaela was elected president of the 2016 student council and her student body at the JW Hallahan Catholic School in Philadelphia. At eh indeuction ceremony for Michaela and the other officers she gave this wildly well received speech. I am so impressed, proud and amazed at her poise and power of her message.