UI and UX Release

July Release is a Great Accomplishment For Our Teams

The has done a great job of navigating the trials of the startup world. The team started off with a great R&D project to rethink the traditional processes of user generated reviews. From there they built a great prototype and an extensible framework that helped us get some market validation and raise seed funds.

At this stage we really started to think about the features and usability and this led us to rethink the original code base. This meant a lot of rearchitecting and refactoring. We added some additional new technical talent and UX expertise and set out to rethink the user experience.

Now in July the teams are nearing a series of releases to launch that will change both above and below the surface. But what won’t be visible on the screen is all the work then went into maturing the processes, the late nights and the hard work. So when we celebrate this team’s accomplishments, there is a lot more to be proud of than you can see.

Back in the startup game…shhh mode

I love being parts of great teams starting and building businesses. For the last 2 years I helped launch and its news media platform. That company is doing great and solves major problems for publishers and marketers alike. We built a great management team who have great technology and a proven business model and it is in great hands. So it is time for me to move on to a new passion. was about reaching people all around the world with content. It was focused on the premise that the way brands communicate and the way reporters source stories was not taking advantage of the internet, network effect and new business models.

MichaelZammuto2013Carolina - Copy

Another long-term passion is globalizing commerce. Within many markets, ecommerce has revolutionized how consumers gain knowledge, make decisions and purchase goods and services. But, on a global scale, ecommerce has become a complex patchwork of inconsistent solutions that limits the collaborative and scale benefits of the internet. My new company Cloud Commerce is dedicated to addressing that need.

I will publish more when I can but what is great is the fun and excitement of starting with a blank slate and I am happy to have another chance to do that.